How to get Gnbots for free?

This is a complete step-by-step guide on how you can get Gnbot for free by doing small tasks such as completing surveys,watching video's,download and install apps,PTC video's,etc.Before you start,be sure to read this guide carefully.

The following bot license keys are offered with these tasks:

  • 7 day license key =$20
  • 14 day license key =$35
  • 1 month license key =$50

    1.Creating accounts

    We will have to create multiple accounts on different websites in order to start earning.

    • Create an account on cointiply.
    • Create an account on hideout tv(some country's may not work).
    • Create an account on honeygain.
    • Create an account on blockchain.



    Cointiply is a survey/faucet website that offers all kind of tasks to make money for free.It is known to be one of the biggest websites in the market and offer great prices for task completion.

     Click here to create an account on Cointiply.All you have to fill in are First name,Email and password.


  is a website that offers watching video's in return for points that you can convert into $.It is one of the best passive ways to earn money. The only downside of this website is that they only allow certain country's such as US,CA,AU,certain EU country's and some non EU country's.

    Click here to create an account on

    Note:Do not create accounts using a VPN,VPS or proxies.Also do not create multiple accounts or you will be banned from their service.




    Honeygain is a website that sells your unused bandwith for $.It is one of the easiest way to earn money,all you have to do is run the software or app on your phone/desktop and it will earn money once it uses bandwith.The only downside with this service is that you need to have $20 minimum in order to cashout and you will need to have a paypal account.

    Click here to create an account on honeygain.Be sure to click the link and you will receive $5 in your account.

    Note:This method will only work with normal networks(residential,mobile and wifi).Do not use this with VPN/VPS or proxies!




    Blockchain is one of the biggest crypto wallets.It offers an easy way to receive/sent crypto.We will have to create an account on blockchain in order to receive your earnings from cointiply.

    Click here to create an account on Blockchain.Go to products and choose wallet.



    2.Start earning money

    This part will be the main focus of the guide.I will give you tips/tricks in order to achieve your goals.Be sure to read this part carefully and do not rush it.


    Surveys are one of the best ways to earn money.All you have to do is answer questions and you will be rewarded if you qualify for it.Click here to get an overview of all offerwalls


    • Be sure to compare different offerwalls with eachother,some pay more compared to others.
    • do not rush the surveys and DO NOT LIE! The survey providers will find out and you will receive less surveys. 



    Download and install apps

    Downloading and installing apps is one of the easiest and most rewarding tasks to do.Some tasks only want you to download and install it and some require to get to a certain level.Some of the games they offer are the games we have a bot for such as Rise of kingdom,Guns Of Glory,Lords Mobile,King Of Avalon.Click here to get an overview of all offerwalls offering app installs.


    • One of the best offerwall for apps is Adgem,they offer alot of different games that are easy to complete.
    • Most of these apps only reward new users,be sure to use a device and email that never installed the game before. 
    • You can try to use an emulator for these offers if they don't work properly on your mobile device or if you don't own a mobile device.
    • Compare offerwall with eachother,some offer more money compared to eachother.
    • do multiple app offers at once,games like Rise Of Kingdom take time to complete but the reward is high.
    • Use the Cointiply app if possible,this would make downloading and installing apps much easier.



    Video ads

    Watching video ads is one of the easiest and passive way to earn money.All you have to do is run the website on your main screen and it will earn money once it receive ads.Click here to get an overview of video ad offers.

    • Combine video watching with completing surveys or app installs.
    • video has always be on the main screen,you cannot minimize it.
    • you can run it for some time without having to interact with it,Be sure to use this opportunity when your device is on!

    If you are from US,you are lucky! Cointiply has 3 options to earn money from video ads if you are from US(,videofox and Acewall.Be sure to use this opportunity!



    PTC ads

    PTC ads are links that you click and it will show an ad for x seconds and you earn a small amount of money from them.You will not earn big money with them but these offers only take a few seconds.These offers are updated every few hours so be sure to check it often.Click here to get an overview.

    • Best way to complete these is to to them on your mobile device instead of desktop.Desktop will open a new tab to their website and you have to manually check how long the ad has been displayed for.
    • Do not signup on these PTC ads.


  is one of the easiest way to earn points to convert them into $.

    • Use channel option,these will make it video's autoplay without any interaction.
    • When you don't see ads being displayed anymore,switch to another channel.
    • when you have 9 or more points,you can convert them to coins using the convert option on




      Honeygain is the easiest way to make money selling your unused bandwith.All you have to do is download the windows client,android or MacOS and let it run.

      • Honeygain doesn't sell unused bandwith straight away,it can take minutes before it sell some of it.
      • If you have a data plan,be sure to check the settings out of honeygain before starting the software.



      Remaining tasks

      There are a few other ways to earn some money ,but these are small tasks.

      • Every hour,you can use a faucet which will give a random amount of coins.Click here to check it out.
      • They also offer small games that you can play.Between every game there will be an ad displayed and once the activity bar is 100%,you will earn 20 coins.Click here to check it out.



      3.Cashing out

      Once you have reached one of your targets,you can cash your earnings in for bot license keys. I will show both ways to cash your earnings out.



      1.log in on your blockchain wallet and go to settings->wallet & addresses.

      2.Go to Bitcoin wallet and choose manage. on add next address. should have an address.

      5.go to cointiply withdraw page or click here.

      6.copy and paste your blockchain wallet address on that page and hit withdraw.After that it can take some time but you should have received your earnings.




      1.log in on your Honeygain account or click here.

      2.Once you have hit $20,you have an option that says cash out.

      3.Follow the steps honeygain say and provide your paypal email.



      Getting the license key

      Once you have done one of the options,fill this form in so we can start to process your order.

      Email:*This is the email we sent all the details to*.

      Product type:*7/14 days or monthly key*.

      Payment type:*Blockchain or Paypal*.


      Sent the form to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Still having questions or having issues? Be sure to join our Community discord server by clicking here.